We are speeding innovation by making it easier, faster and less expensive to bring new technologies to market. 

As a partner for organizations on the leading edge of innovation, we provide tools that connect innovators and lead to data-driven IP strategies.


Before founding Tradespace, Alec led consulting engagements focused on technology commercialization and M&A  for Fortune 500 companies in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.


Alec has worked closely with the US and International Governments to reshape their IP Strategies and has led over $200M in commercialization deals.

Advisory Board

Myron Kassaraba

Technology Transactions

Structured hundreds of deals including multi-million dollar sales of start-ups, technology & IP licenses and complex partnerships. 


Bryan Coapstick

Technology Platform

Guided and delivered mobile strategies to digitally transform operations at Marriott, Deloitte, and HP.

Kapil is a serial entrepreneur with deep experience building and scaling complex technical systems.  

A repeat founder, Kapil spent nearly ten years building technical products for Fortune 500 companies at IBM before founding Doorman to disrupt the last-mile logistics space.


Stephen Kelly

Strategic R&D

Led $800M contract research P&L at Battelle; managed IP generation and commercialization across 1,000+ patent portfolio.

Sam Dinte

Team & Strategy

Technology-focused executive search; former management consultant supporting strategy & growth in IP-intensive businesses.