From Detroit automakers to Silicon Valley tech startups, companies are chasing new technologies to bring the vision of autonomous vehicles, extended range EVs, and fractional ownership to fruition.

With more interest than ever before in areas like computer vision, LIDAR, energy storage, etc, companies need tools to find new technologies faster, and get more value from their own IP.

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Despite the explosion of IP related to self-driving cars and electric vehicles, companies recognize the need for collaboration beyond siloed R&D. IP transactions are rising rapidly. The rest of the vehicle including the cabin and infotainment systems are benefitting from advances in adjacent markets such as consumer electronics and new materials and chemistry. 

Combustion-engine power delivery related patent grants are down nearly 65% in their annual volume compared to just 5 years ago (2014) while electric propulsion is hitting maturity with a slowing pace of growth in application.

But categories such as regenerative braking and others are growing rapidly, and together are approaching 10,000 new patent issues annually.

Traffic control systems and categories pointing towards V2X (V2V, V2I, etc.) have nearly doubled since 2014, totally 7,000 patent families in 2018.

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