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Market-Driven IP Commercialization

Find high-value IP in your portfolio, identify licensing partners, and build compelling marketing materials

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The Problem

IP Owners lack the tools and visibility to effectively license their IP. As a result, they fail to commercialize 90% of the technology they develop, losing millions in potential revenue.


Without data and analytics, technology transfer organizations lack the tools they need to deal with hundreds of disclosures and patents they field every year.

Tradespace Solution

Tradespace enables you to find high-value IP in your portfolio, identify likely licensees or buyers, and develop powerful marketing materials.


Our AI identifies potential licensing partners based on evidence of use, investment priorities, and business model. Once you've selected partners, Tradespace suggests licensing strategy, messaging, and contacts




A leading technology company (which we'll call QuantumTech) specializes in advanced sensor solutions for homeland security. QuantumTech's portfolio consisted of thousands of sensor technologies, many of which were no longer core to the company's business strategy.  Company leadership wanted to generate more value from its IP portfolio, but lacked insight into what parts of their portfolio were no longer core but still had commercial value. 



QuantumTech leveraged Tradespace's AI-powered IP Management platform to analyze its portfolio and identified a cluster of high-value IP that was initially conceived to help the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screen for harmful bacteria at airport checkpoints. Using Tradespace, QuantumTech identified significant potential to commercialize this IP in the food packaging space, and ultimately closed a 7-figure deal to license its IP to a leading packaging company.

  1. Mining for Gold: Tradespace's AI categorized QuantumTech's 1000-patent portfolio by technology and product, then identified non-core technologies with untapped market potential. The bacteria sensing portfolio emerged as a prime candidate for commercialization.

  2. Mapping Use-Cases and Licensees: QuantumTech used Tradespace's IP Evaluation tools to assess the portfolio to confirm validity, identify potential use-cases, find potential licensees, and flag Evidence of Use. 

  3. Crafting a Licensing Strategy: For the licensees shortlisted by Quantumtech, Tradespace's generative AI identified relevant patents & products, summarized historic licensing behavior, provided contact information for licensing leads

  4. Building Compelling Marketing Materials: Tradespace's AI generated tailored marketing materials that described the portfolios background, its benefits and novel features, and its alignment with each licensee's business needs



QuantumTech closed a seven-figure licensing deal with the consumer packaging leader. Not only was this QuantumTech's first IP monetization deal in 10 years, but if also immediately shifted the IP organization from a cost center to a revenue driver and funded a significant expansion in the company's patent and R&D programs.


In addition to driving business value for QuantumTech, the deal helped solve a significant problem in the consumer packaging space and provided a framework for ongoing collaboration between QuantumTech and their new packaging partner.

Customer Story


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