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Market-Driven IP Commercialization

Powerful tools to build portfolios of high-value IP for licensing, identify the right licensing partners, and manage efficient commercialization processes.

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The Problem

Companies, Universities, and Labs lack the tools and visibility to effectively license their IP. As a result, they fail to commercialize 90% of the technology they develop, losing millions in potential revenue.


Without data and analytics, technology transfer organizations lack the tools they need to deal with hundreds of disclosures and patents they field every year.

Tradespace Solution

Tradespace connects your IP portfolio to real-time market dynamics, allowing you to prioritize IP with the highest value and likelihood of commercialization. 


Our predictive analytics can then identify the best partners based on actual market signals like investment and acquisition. 


With Tradespace’s world-class brokerage support, we even help you find and engage the right stakeholders and package your assets to maximize the chance for a transaction.

OilCo used Tradespace to find and commercialize cleantech IP in its portfolio. They leveraged the platform to instantly identify all the cleantech IP they owned across its portfolio of 1,000+ patents.


With our proprietary valuation technology, OilCo selected the strongest cleantech IP and created a start-up with it. The startup secured an eight-figure term-sheet, allowed OilCo to access a $10B market, and provided instant revenue for OilCo to invest back into R&D.

Customer Story


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