Manage IP Resources

With Tradespace you can instantly search and analyze millions of patents to find the right technology for your needs.

The average cost of for a company to patent technology is $50K.  Whether you have a few technologies or a few thousand, the decisions you make about what to patent, commercialize, or maintain have significant impact on costs.  Up to 20% of the average fortune 500 company’s IP portfolio is un-utilized.  This costs companies over $1M per year – money that could be spent on new R&D or commercialization.

The Problem

With Tradespace, you can instantly evaluate your entire IP portfolio to identify patents with the least value that can potentially be dropped. We track over 200,000 market segments and analyze data from every patent in the world to help you understand which patents have the most economic upside and the strongest technological foundation. 

We can help you decide which technologies to patent. By only patenting technologies with significant strategic and economic value, you can reduce IP costs considerably AND build a more manageable IP portfolio.  We are the only tool that lets you make repeatable, data-driven decisions about early stage technologies.

Tradespace Solution

Case Study: AerospaceCo


AerospaceCo has built a portfolio of over 10,000 patents.  Between filing and maintaining patents, they spend $40M.  By dropping the weakest 25% of their oldest patents and not filing patents for the bottom 15% of new technologies, they saved $7M in a single year, without limiting revenue potential or creating litigation risk.