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Front-End Innovation

  • Harvest Higher Quality Disclosures

  • Map Disclosures to Products & Competitors 

  • AI-Powered Patentability and Prior Art Searching


Intuitive Docketing

  • No-code Customizations for Forms, Dashboards, & Automations


  • AI-Insights on Prosecution, Agreements, and Maintenance Payment


  • Rule-Based Automations for 60+ countries


Strategic Portfolio Management

  • Instantly Categorize Assets Based on Technology, Product, or Use-Case

  • Identify Crown Jewels, Gaps, and Commercialization Opportunities

  • Smart Pruning based on Changing Business Objectives and Patent Quality


AI-Powered Monetization

  • Instantly Analyze thousands of patents for Evidence of Use

  • AI-Generated Licensing Targets & Marketing Materials

  • Curated Marketplace of High-Quality In-Licensing or Acquisition Opportunities

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Tradespace helped us rapidly turn millions of patents into meaningful market insights and pinpoint valuable opportunities in our client's IP portfolio

Jay Korman
Managing Director, Avascent

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