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We help businesses use IP to drive new innovation

IP has become our economy's most valuable asset.  However, over a TRILLION dollars of IP is sitting dormant because companies, universities, and government labs lack the tools to understand and unlock the value of their IP portfolios.

Tradespace's AI-Powered IP Management Platform enables organizations to fully understand the value of IP from the moment an invention is disclosed.  By training IP-specific LLMs to automate complex legal tasks like prior art searching, evidence of use analysis, and patent valuation, we empower Legal, R&D, and business teams to develop IP strategy that drives new value for the business.



Alec Sorensen and Kapil Israni founded Tradespace to change the way companies, universities, and government generate value from IP.  They have built a world-class team of engineers, lawyers, and IP leaders committed to transforming the way we develop, manage, and commercialize IP


Alec founded Tradespace after leading an IP commercialization practice at a top management consulting firm.  He believed that every IP owner should have access to the same tools and expertise that empowered his consulting team to facilitate over $250M in commercialization deals.  In his previous role, Alec worked closely with Fortune 500 companies and Governments evaluate IP, facilitate transactions, and develop strategy.  He has supported the US, Canadian, Saudi, and Emirati governments in developing national IP strategies.


Kapil is a serial entrepreneur with deep experience building and scaling complex technical systems.  As an engineer, Kapil is passionate about building vertical software that solve complex, domain-specific problems and drive innovation. Kapil started his career at IBM where he spent ten years building high performance systems for Fortune 500 companies. Kapil left IBM to found Doorman, a last-mile delivery startup that was acquired by Boxbot.

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