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Save 20 Hours on Every Disclosure

Tradespace generates quality disclosures with less inventor burden while empowering IP teams to make better filing decisions

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The pace of innovation   is accelerating

Tradespace helps IP teams keep up

With new inventions growing faster than IP teams, the ability to collect more disclosures and make faster, smarter filing decisions is a key competitive advantage  

With Tradespace, researchers can upload a manuscript, pitch deck, or lab notes, and our AI creates a rich, detailed disclosure, complete with a detailed evaluation of the invention's market potential, novelty, and competitive positioning. This reduces the back-and-forth with researchers and enables IP teams to make smarter, faster filing decisions

Customer Story

Turning R&D into Competitive Edge in the Aerospace & Defense 


Tradespace enabled a leading defense electronics company to:

  • Increase Invention Disclosures from 75 to 100

  • Save over 1,000 hours on disclosure review  

  • Reduce disclosure research & review team from six to one SME

The Context

The Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry has become increasingly competitive due to consolidation, new business models, and the increased pace of technology development. Companies rely on internal R&D (IRAD) for much of their competitive advantage.

For the IP team at a Boston based Defense contractor (DefenseCo), keeping pace with the groundswell of invention disclosures created by increased IRAD was slowing down their entire IP operation and tying up high-value members of the R&D team. DefenseCo had a single IP Attorney who relied on six subject matter experts (SMEs) from the R&D team to review 75 disclosures per year.

Collecting and reviewing more disclosures without tying up R&D resources increases speed to market

How Tradespace Helped

DefenseCO implemented Tradespace’s AI-powered IP Management platform in late 2022 to drive efficiencies across their IP lifecycle, starting with disclosure creation and evaluation. Tradespace’s Disclosure tools enabled DefenseCo to build a disclosure process that enabled their IP team to collect more inventions than ever before, without tying up their researchers or over-burdening the lead IP Attorney.

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Towards a More Effective Disclosure Workflow:

  1. Creating Fast, Thorough Invention Disclosures: DefenseCo launched Tradespace's Disclosure Portal for its entire R&D team, empowering inventors to submit disclosures by simply uploading relevant documents like proposal decks, project reports, or manuscripts. 


    Tradespace's AI extracted the problem statement, novel concepts, benefits, and mapped the disclosure to internal projects. This not only saved valuable time for inventors but also ensured disclosures were well-documented and thorough. 12-months after launching Tradespace, disclosures had increased 30% from 75 to 100.

  2. Faster, Smarter Disclosure Review: Historically, DefenseCO’s IP Attorney relied on six SMEs to research inventions as they were disclosued. This process often took weeks.With Now, every time DefenseCo researchers created a disclosure, Tradespace’s AI generated an evaluation report for the IP Attorney.

    These reports assessed the invention’s novelty, identified use-cases that were often overlooked by researchers, and mapped the inventions to internal projects.The IP attorney could also use the report as a basis for productive dialogues with inventors to answer any outstanding questions. Recordings from these inventor discussions could be added to Tradespace to further improve the disclosure materials. This approach facilitated a much quicker, informed decision-making process within the IP Committee, significantly cutting down the time to filing decisions.


By relying on Tradespace to streamline disclosures, DefenseCO reduced built a faster process that led to higher quality disclosures and smarter filing decisions while reducing the strain on both the IP and R&D teams.

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